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Jinan Luyue CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Jinan Luyue CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Jinan Luyue CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Hand-held Marking Machine for Flanges

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Hand-held electric marking machine for flanges is a marking machine specially designed for large flanges. This kind of marking machine does not need pneumatic source, and adopts original electromagnetic printing. It can work as long as there is power supplying. Customized external power supply for mobile marking, easy to carry and low noise. This hand-held electric marking machine for flange is an integrated electric marking machine that changes the traditional external computer mode and embeds the microcomputer into the marking machine reasonably. The embedded microcomputer can store multiple marking contents and support USB reading. Take peripheral data. The advantage of the hand-held electric marking machine is that it is ideal for marking on large flanges or other heavy workpieces that are difficult to handle. Features: 1. The full set of equipment weighs less than 5kg, which is more convenient for mobile marking; 2. Embedded 3.5-inch touch screen computer control, can mark a variety of content such as numbers, texts, symbols, graphics, serial numbers, etc., the form of marking content can be freely set; 3. The basic parts of the whole machine are made of magnesium alloy, which makes the marking precision higher and the service life longer; 4. The marking depth is deep, and the marking depth can be adjusted according to the material of the workpiece in the range of 0.01mm-1mm (divided into three gear positions); 5. The interface language has two control modes: Chinese and English; 6. Marking range: 70mm in the length direction and 25mm in the height direction; 7. Adopt high-precision self-lubricating, self-sealing, maintenance-free linear guide, the marking accuracy is below 0.001mm;  

Desktop Smart Date-code Fiber Laser Typewriter

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Desktop smart date code fiber laser typewriter can be used in hardware industry, wrenches, measuring tools, bathroom sanitary ware, stainless steel tableware, medical equipment, bags, purses, gifts industry, there are many, such as metal gifts, wooden boxes, U-disk, notebooks, watches and instruments industry metal case, watch bottom, glasses rack, instrument and panel, in addition to the packaging industry and electronic communications industry outside the mobile phone. Laser marking of shell and electronic components. Desktop intelligent date code optical fiber laser typewriter uses laser as processing means. It has the advantages of no contact, no cutting force and little heat effect, and guarantees the original accuracy of the workpiece. At the same time, it has wide adaptability to materials. It can make very fine marks on the surfaces of various materials and has good durability. Desktop Smart Date Code Optical Fiber Laser Typer Parameters: Product models: LYJG-GQ10B, LYJG-GQ20B, LYJG-GQ50B Wavelength: 1064 nm Laser: fully enclosed (double cladding) fiber pulse laser Maximum laser power: 10W/20W Scope of engraving: 100 (standard), optional 200 300 Writing speed: <=9000mm/s Minimum linewidth: 0.01mm Minimum character: 0.1mm Pulse width: < 60ns Mode: Single die cold cutting mode: air cooling.

Desktop Auto Parts Laser Marking Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Desktop auto parts laser marking machine manufacturer, direct sale, we support customized, this equipment has a long life, cost-effective, best-selling worldwide. Precipitation Lu yue 11 years of industry experience to create high-quality, desktop auto parts laser marking machine high digital scanning galvanometer, beam effect is good. Desktop auto parts laser marking machine marking effect is reflected in the car, auto parts manufacturers attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection! In the field of auto parts processing, laser marking machine is mainly used in the two-dimensional code, bar code, clear code, production date, serial number, Logo, pattern, certification identification, warning identification and other information marking. Including automobile wheel arc, exhaust pipe, engine cylinder, piston, crankshaft, audio transmission button, label (nameplate) and many other accessories of high quality marking. Advantage: Material wide: laser marking machine is suitable for most of the automotive parts materials, including metal or non-metal. High efficiency: laser processing speed is fast, with the use of automatic assembly line and manipulator can greatly improve the production efficiency. Good effect: the laser can complete the image and text marking of different depths of accessories, and achieve the effects of laser white, laser black and laser color

Miniature Mini Portable Electromagnet Marking Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Mini portable pneumatic marking machine adopts the most advanced micro numerical control technology, combined with high frequency micro shock technology mature, can play the various forms of code and graphics, is marking the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high resolution, standardization, mini portable electromagnet marking machine integrated modular design, make the equipment volume is exquisite, high-grade appearance, convenient operation, more conducive to auto play mark using professional marking software, can for the auto marking marking of other products, is a kind of multifunctional high-end marking equipment, stable and efficient. Micro-mini portable electromagnet marking machine positioning high-end, integration of various advanced technology, can be applied to a single product, but also combined with the production line for automatic marking, has the following characteristics: 1. High precision of marking head parts, more stable marking and guaranteed accuracy. 2, small size design, light weight, more convenient operation. 3. The marking movement track adopts imported linear guide rail, with small wear and tear in self-lubricating design and high marking accuracy. 4, computer control assembly professional marking software, simple interface, simple operation. 5. The needle has high hardness and wider material adaptability. 6. High digitalization degree, automatic memory function, marking status and serial number memory can be set. 7. External dimensions: 260mm * 160mm * 115mm 8. Marking stroke: 150mm x 30mm(standard type) 9. Marking speed: 3-8 characters/min

Direct-selling Mobile Metal Engraving Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Our company has ten years experience in the production of mobile metal engraving machines, providing direct marketing services to manufacturers, and recruiting global agents. Our continuous innovation, many models lead the development of the industry, so our products (mobile metal engraving machines) have been widely recognized and praised in more than 30 countries around the world. Mobile metal engraving machine can engrave text, symbols, numbers, graphics, LOGO, flow number and other contents on the surface of metal. Its volume is very small, it can directly engrave large and difficult-to-move workpiece, and it is convenient to use without moving workpiece any more. Mobile metal engraving machine is controlled by embedded micro touch screen controller or external PC. If embedded micro touch screen control is selected, no external computer is needed. It integrates the motion controller of PC, display and engraving machine. It makes the equipment smaller, saves space, reduces the tedious connection and effectively improves the work efficiency. The working principle of the mobile metal engraving machine, which is directly sold by our company, is that the controller controls the engraving needle in the two-dimensional plane of X-Y and sets the track according to the software. At the same time, the control of the ground solenoid valve of the engraving needle under the action of compressed air regularly makes the high-frequency vibration impact, thus engraving the corresponding content on the metal surface. The content of the engraving is clearer, more standard and more beautiful.

Portable Marking Machine for Bottom Plate

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Portable marking machine for bottom plate adopts integrated embedded microcomputer control system. It is the most targeted solution for bottom plate marking. Suitable for not easy to move or larger heavier artifacts, using pneumatic micro alloy technology, engraving a series of points on the working pieces, forming marking content required for line. Product features: 1. The marking software interface is simple, easy to understand and easy to operate; 2. The fuselage adopts streamline design, and all parts are strengthened to make the machine more resistant to impact; 3. This model can be marked with two-dimensional code, which can be identified by special barcode scanning gun; 4. The specially designed enhanced marking needle can achieve high depth marking, and the marking content can be clearly visible after the surface painting and other treatments; 5. Printing effect can be divided into two ways: dot matrix and linear engraving; 6. The font, word spacing and character size of the marking content can be arbitrarily selected; 7. Special electromagnetic absorption device makes marking more portable and the labor intensity of staff is very low; Technical parameters and characteristics: 1. Marking range: 150 x 80mm, 150 x 30mm, 80 x 30mm (customized as required); 2. Head weight: less than 2.5 kg; 3. Marking speed: 1-200 words/min (the height of 3mm words shall prevail); 4. Cable length: 8 meters 5. Power of the whole machine: 100W; 6. Pneumatic source requirements: 0.2-0.6mpa

Hand-held dot-matrix Metal Pneumatic Engraving Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Our company has ten years of experience in the production and development of hand-held dot-matrix metal pneumatic engraving machine. Our products are sold to more than 30 countries all over the world and have obtained good repuation. Handheld dot-matrix metal pneumatic marking machine we launched more than 10 models, can meet the user's various sizes and marking range requirements. Hand-held point-matrix metal pneumatic engraving machine engraving depth is adjustable in the range of 0.01-1.2mm, the pneumatic source requirements are not high, the maximum atmospheric pressure value is only 0.6mpa. The whole machine design of handheld dot-matrix metal pneumatic engraving machine conforms to the electromagnetic compatibility requirements, can be firmly adsorbed on the metal surface, so as to carry out the marking stably, can be used for the marking of automobile frame number, engine number, motorcycle frame number, steel plate, steel pipe, etc. Technical parameters of the machine: Marking range: 150 x 60mm, 140 x 30mm, 130 x 30mm, 80 x 25mm; Marking content: Chinese and English words, Numbers, codes, graphics, etc. Marking speed: 3-7 characters per minute; Minimum accuracy: 1 x 1mm; Head weight: 2.5kg

Signage Desktop Electric Marking Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: The signboard desktop electric marking printer is a special type of electric marking machine developed for the signage. It adopts liftable adjustment for various signage, and the workbench is cast by precision mold to ensure the stability of the signboard desktop electric code printer.     The original linear guides are equipped with high-performance stepping motors to ensure that the marking characters can be as small as 1mm without deformation. The signboard desktop electric code printer is divided into two types: integrated and split type. The integrated type integrates the computer with the marking machine without an external computer. The split is required to connect to the computer through the USB port.     The electromagnetic needle of the signboard desktop electric code printer is marked with dot matrix, which is more convenient to use without external air source. Signature desktop electric code printer environment: (1) Power supply conditions: AC voltage 110V/220±10%, 60HZ/50Hz±1%, power ≤0.5Kw; (2) Floor area: 0.16m2; (3) Relative humidity: <85% at 25 °C; (4) Relative temperature: -10 ° C - 38 ° C; Main technical indicators of signage desktop electric marking machine: (1) Printing range: 150mm × 80mm (standard type, can be customized); (2) Marking content: any graphics and various characters, Arabic numerals, serial numbers, etc.; (3) Marking speed: 50mm/sec; (4) Marking depth: 0.01-1mm (depending on the material); (5) Font size: arbitrarily variable within the print range; (6) Continuous work for 24 hours;

Industrial Portable Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Our company is a professional manufacturer and developer of portable mini fiber laser industrial marking machines and various industrial marking machines. Founded in 2008, the company produces 1000 sets of laser marking machines and 1500 sets of pneumatic marking machines annually. Our portable mini-fiber laser marking machine is exported to India, Brazil, the United States, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries all over the world. Portable mini fiber-laser industrial marking machine has excellent beam quality, small size, high marking accuracy of 2540 dpi, fast speed and three times the actual production efficiency of traditional marking machine. Portable mini fiber laser marking machine is widely used in IT industry, communications industry, machine manufacturing, food and drug, medical equipment, watches and glasses, craft gifts, precious metal jewelry, leather clothing, packaging and printing, and many other industries. The power of this machine is 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W and so on. Travel standard: 110 * 110 mm, 150 * 150 mm. At the same time, we provide all kinds of customized services and OEM, welcome to consult. Detailed Parameters of Portable Mini Fiber Laser Industrial Marker Model Specifications: GQ10A, GQ20AGQ50A, GQ10B, GQ20B, GQ50B 2. Laser wavelength: 1064 nm 3. Laser repetition frequency: 20 kHz to 100 kHz 4. Laser power: 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 30W 5. Marking speed: <8000mm/s 6. Minimum Character: 0.1mm

Gold and Silver Jewelry Alphanumeric Laser Marking Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: High-quality gold and silver jewelry alphanumeric laser engraving machine is widely used in various industries such as gold and silver diamonds, sanitary ware, food packaging, tobacco marking, beer marking, beverage marking, drug packaging, medical equipment, glasses and watches, automobile accessories, plastic paper materials, electronic hardware and so on. High-quality gold and silver jewelry alphabet digital laser engraving machine uses computer-specific marking software to identify and collect any complex plane image, graphics and text, two-dimensional code and bar code produced by digital camera or scanner, download and computer on the Internet, make various markers, convert them into digital signals, convert them into current control signals by programming calculation and input them again. The driver forms the corresponding control signal and controls the operation of high precision servo motor by D/A card, so as to control the reflection in X direction and Y direction respectively. The deflection angle of the galvanometer of the high quality gold and silver hand-decorated alphabet digital laser engraving machine enables the laser beam focus spot to move along the text track according to the set pattern, thus engraving permanent marks on the surface of the workpiece. The scribed line width can reach 20 micron magnitude, and the software has the function of automatic image distortion correction, which can realize the precision image calibration. Performance of high-quality gold and silver jewelry alphanumeric laser engraving machine equipment: 1. The laser mode of the fundamental mode provides excellent beam quality. 2. High precision and meticulous spot ensures the perfect marking result. 3. The marking process is non-contact and the marking effect is permanent. 4. The maximum marking speed of 8000mm/s can improve the processing efficiency. 5. It can be easily integrated into the production line or work independently. 6. Suitable for marking on most metal and non-metal materials. 7. Long service life, stable performance.

Multi-functional Desktop Metal Electric Engraving Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Multi-functional one-piece desktop metal plate serial number electric engraving machine is a kind of equipment that can achieve permanent mark engraving on the metal surface by electric alloy needle. Suitable for making permanent marks on various sizes of workpieces with different surfaces, such as plane, curve, concave surface, convex surface and circle. Supporting special tooling can also be used to achieve pipe interior and other difficult to reach special places. Multi-functional one-piece desktop metal plate serial number electric engraving machine is widely used to mark metal or non-metal materials, its engraving depth on the metal can reach 0.1mm-1mm (depending on the hardness of the material, the depth is different). The control mode is divided into two modes: integrated LCD touch screen controller control mode and split USB computer connection mode. Can achieve rich characters, graphics, text, letters and other content carving, through the software can freely set the form and size of carving content. The software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw.Flexible and user-friendly software, comparing with the same number. Multi-functional one-piece desktop metal plate serial number electric engraving machine advantages: 1. Humanized man-machine interface, simple operation, no need for training, personnel can operate after unpacking. 2. The software can achieve various functions such as marking, pause, contour needle alignment, quadrangle needle alignment, needle stop position setting, parameter setting and so on. 4. The font base (special characters, etc.) is rich, and the required font form can be selected according to the requirements. Powerful typesetting function, engraving content size, spacing can be arbitrarily set, what you see is what you get. 5. In case of misoperation, data can be recovered through continuous undo and recovery functions.

High Precision Desktop Electric Marking Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Many people are only considering the price factor when purchasing the desktop electric marking machine, but they ignore the accuracy of the marking machine. When marking small characters during use, there will be problems such as distortion and unclearness. This is mainly Because the accuracy of the desktop electric marking machine does not meet the requirements.     The reason for the high precision of the desktop electric marking machine is that the accuracy of the guide rail is insufficient, the frequency of the needle of the electric needle is low, and the strength of the needle is uneven.    As an innovative T9 control system, we have introduced two models: split type and integrated type. High-precision benchtop electric marking machines have the following advantages:   1. The guide rail adopts the original maintenance-free high-precision linear guide rail, which can guarantee the deformation of 1mm characters.   2. The large torque stepping motor that converts the electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement has stronger power and longer service life.   3. The lifting column is precision cast, with good stability and durability.   4. It is suitable for the engraving of the marked content of products of various materials. The hardness of the marking needle is high, and a set of needles can be used for more than three years;   6. The integrated marking machine adopts full touch screen control mode, which does not require an external computer, and can store tens of thousands of marking contents freely.   7. No external pneumatic source is needed, the noise is small when marking, no pollution, no consumables, economical and environmental protection.   5. Provide OEM, looking for a global agent. "

Micro Impact Marking Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Micro impact marking machine is a portable pneumatic marking machine, the biggest feature is easy to move, suitable for a variety of inconvenient to move or larger products marking. Small size, light weight, flexible operation, designed for large volume, heavy industry parts, high precision, high standard to complete the marking task. Microimpact marking machine built-in professional marking software has a variety of rich fonts, you can choose to edit, to achieve the appropriate standard for marking. Micro strike machine marking machine specially designed electromagnetic device, through the power supply to produce super-strong magnetic force, can firmly adsorbed on the workpiece, so that it can be more accurate, more stable marking. This function is suitable for metal products, better convenient operation, to achieve high precision symbol. Technical specifications of the marking machine of the microimpact machine: 1. Weight of the machine: less than or equal to 20KG (including electromagnet) 2. Equipment power: 300W 3. Working pressure: 0.3-0.7mpa 4. Marking depth: 0-0.8mm (depending on the material) 5. Marking speed: 3-70 characters/min 6. Marking range: 130 x 30mm(multiple sizes are optional) 7. Marking content: various Chinese and English characters, Numbers, symbols, graphics and codes can be marked 8. Marking hardness: not exceeding HRC60 degrees. Tiny blow machine marking machine configuration precision linear guide rail, slider type has the self-lubricating function, can effectively reduce the product wear, which can keep marking precision, marking characters clear, beautiful, can run in harsh environments, is widely used in electric cars, motorcycles, micro motors, crane and other vehicle body and chassis number and marking, is a kind of high quality high efficiency of pneumatic marking machine equipment.

Digital Integrated Pneumatic Engraving Machine.

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: If you want to engrave beautiful characters, graphics or LOGO on the surface of metal or plastic, you need this digital industrial-level integrated pneumatic engraving machine. The walking mechanism of digitized industrial-level integrated pneumatic engraving machine adopts linear rolling guide rail transmission, which runs smoothly, has high reliability and long service life. After finishing the printing work of the digital industrial level integrated pneumatic engraving machine, the system automatically checks the step number of the stepper motor, automatically calibrates and ensures the accuracy of the next working task. We have a professional technical team, we can design and manufacture positioning tooling and clamping tooling according to the size of the workpiece. We can fix the workpiece quickly and accurately. Easy to operate, and ensure that the engraving effect is clear and the position is accurate. Technical data of digitized industrial-level integrated pneumatic engraving machine: Shock frequency: 300HZ4 Font: Various fonts are available Repeated printing accuracy < 0.04mm Automated Memory: Automated Memory Set State, Pipeline Number Printing depth 0.05-1.2mm Automatic calculation: automatic accumulation of flow numbers Hardness: HRC < 70 Printing range is adjustable within 80*150 mm Printing Direction: 360 Degree Arbitrary Adjustable Plane Printing speed: 15-100 fonts per minute Working temperature: -10-45 C Continuous work > 48 hours Print content: English letters, Arabic numerals, Chinese characters, graphics, etc. Printing needle durability of more than 1 million characters/needle Noise standard <65dB(A) Input mode: manual and automatic incremental flow number (incremental number can be set) Power: <300W Air source pressure: 0.3-0.7 MPa

Handheld Digital VIN Code Punching Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: Handheld digital VIN code punching machine is also called hand-held pneumatic marking machine, hand-held pneumatic engraving machine, etc. The control methods are touch screen type and PC type.     Handheld digital VIN code punching machine is very simple to operate, you only need to edit the contents to be printed on the punching software, then place the handheld digital VIN code punching machine on the position to be printed, and press the switch. The neat and beautiful logo content is printed out.     The hand-held digital VIN code punching machine is compact and has a width of only 8cm. It is the world's thinnest pneumatic puncher,operator can operate with only one hand. It is very suitable for testing marking, station marking and other fields. In addition, the handheld digital VIN code punching machine has a long service life, simple daily maintenance, strong environmental adaptability, and low requirements on the working hardware condition. Performance parameters: 1. Working range: 80mm × 30mm, 130mm × 30mm, 150mm × 30mm; 2. Pneumatic source pressure: 0.3 - 0.6MPa; 3. Software performance: automatically compare the serial number, VIN code, two-dimensional barcode, prompt repeat, archive the daily print content, and retrieve historical print data at any time; 4. High-precision rolling linear guide, inductive proximity switch structure, high subdivision drive, high-frequency high-speed solenoid valve, wide temperature zone screening, high reliability and anti-radio interference design.

Desktop Electric Marking Machine

Certificate: 84798190

Product Description: The desktop electric marking machine can be widely used in small sheet metal parts, nameplates, parts and other easy-to-move workpieces that need to be marked, especially for alloy aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel, plated parts, anodized parts, hard Exquisite marking of high-end products such as composite materials. The desktop electric marking machine adopts electromagnetic spotting instead of pneumatic high-frequency micro-impact dot matrix printing, which can greatly reduce the printing noise during work. The desktop electric marking machine prints without splash metal dust, and the innovative design and manufacture of titanium alloy needles, printing The effect is smooth and beautiful, and the scribing form is noise-free and beautiful. Technical Parameters: 1. Marking format: 150×80mm, 180×100mm (can be customized according to requirements) 2. Printing depth: 0.01-2mm (depending on the hard material) 3. Driving voltage: DC24V 4. Power supply: lithium battery or single-channel AC 110-240V universal 5. Print content: Any Chinese and English characters and numbers. Graphics 6. Print effect: clear and beautiful 7. Any graphic that can call CAD 8. The device supports USB data exchange for easy management of marking files. 9. The device has 2 languages, Chinese or English 10. The device supports reading data directly from the USB flash drive.


Newly developed, Battery Operated Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine

After several months efforts by our R&D team, the first set of Battery Operated handheld dot peen marking machine come out. Weight is only 5.5kgs. Marking range: 90mm*30mm. Battery operated , and 7 inch touch screen, no need power supply nor the extra computer. Only one machine will finish the marking work successfully!

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